Ernst & Müller Consultancy GmbH



EM CONSULTANCY knows the rules and ins and outs of the sales field in the banking, financial services, insurance and real estate sectors like the back of its hand (the sales division is not everything, but without a good sales structure nothing works). This is our core competence – we boast excellent contacts here.

We see ourselves not just as an Executive Search boutique or headhunter for companies from the banking, financial services, real estate and related sectors, but above and beyond this as careers consultants for each and every individual candidate. Our objective is to create the optimum win-win situation for all parties.

In light of the enduring structural transformation and technological innovation the industry is experiencing, the financial services sector will continue to change in the years to come. We firmly believe that clients want both personal advice and digital innovation at the same time. That’s why we also source experienced IT experts for projects and permanent contracts.


EM CONSULTANCY also provides support in bolstering your sales division through its corporate transactions expertise. We source small and medium-sized financial service providers (asset managers and sales companies) for other market participants. Now that the financial crisis has “ebbed”, small and medium-sized asset managers and financial service providers find themselves confronted with a completely different situation – inter alia as a result of stricter regulatory policies, which are on the rise. This situation provides attractive opportunities for prospective sellers and buyers.